FLAVOR: Raspberry / Lemon Lime / Floral
    • BODY: Medium
    • ACIDITY: Bright
    • PROCESS: Washed
    Description: located in the north-east region of Jinotega, NIcaragua, is renowned for its coffee. Surrounded by the natural reserve Cerro Datanli El Diablo, just a few kilometers from Lago de Apanas, Finca La Bastilla is a tropical paradise for the fauna and flora founded on deep, favorable volcanic soils. Since 2003, the farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance and is striving for continued excellence. The environment is conserved by maintaining efficient use of river water. To prevent pollution, contaminated water is treated in bio-digesters, producing methane gas. this gas is channeled to the kitchen to be used for cooking. Micro-farms have been created throughout the estate, so that the coffee can express its full potential in accordance with the different microclimates.

    FLAVOR: Lemongrass / Cocoa / Cashew BODY: Medium ACIDITY: Mild PROCESS: Washed Description: This coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, organic, and provides fair wage and labor protection guidelines. quality produced by smallholder growers, this bean features amazingly vibrant taste with a cleansing afternotes
  • Our monthly coffee subscription includes a 12 oz. freshly roasted bag of rainforest grown organic coffee. Delivered directly after roasting to your door at the beginning of every month. You'll never have to worry about missing our latest coffee of the month ever again! no questions asked, just delicious coffee for you to enjoy. Our subscription also include coffee perks! every month you will be sent an email for free special offers on coffee when you come visit us at the trailer or at our upcoming location in Norfolk!
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    FLAVOR: Dark Chocolate / Pear / Green Apple BODY: Medium ACIDITY: Medium PROCESS: Washed Description: This Columbian coffee is certified organic, and brewed for the person who likes their coffee on the bolder side of things. It brews a great morning drip paired with some fruit and fresh herbs!
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